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Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership  

Student Organizations

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Active Students for a Healthy Environment (ASHE)

Active Students for a Healthy Environment (A.S.H.E.) is UNC Asheville’s oldest student environmental organization. Formerly known as the “ecology club”, we focus on raising environmental awareness, leadership development, and initiating proactive, progressive action to make positive sustainable changes in our environment. We are involved with and often help organize a wide range of campus and community events having to do with conservation, political action, and celebration of our environment and our role as stewards. We help students to think globally while acting locally. Ashe can be reached by e-mail through


Alliance is the UNC Asheville student organization dedicated to individuals at the university that identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirit, Intersexed, and Straight Allies. Alliance can be reached through their e-mail account:

Alpha Kappa Delta

Promotes the interest and unity of students in the study and theory of sociology. Membership is open to all sociology majors who meet the national AKD requirements. Associate membership is open to the entire campus.

Alpha Psi Omega (Theater)

Alpha Psi Omega is a Dramatic honor society that collaborates as a student body to further explore theater arts by reading, producing, and sharing theater.

Alternative Athletics Association

The purpose of the UNC Asheville Alternative Athletics Association (A4) is to foster a fun, safe, and communal environment in which to support a healthier lifestyle through active physical sport.  We intend to accomplish this goal by providing a sound structure for alternative athletic events that can be held in accordance with UNC Asheville policies and bylaws.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The American Civil Liberties Union of UNC-Asheville promotes the protection of civil liberties through advocacy and education, and to further the work of the ACLU national and state organizations. In accordance with the policy of the ACLU national organization, we are a non-partisan group. 

American Meteorological Society

This chapter will serve to organize informative job, graduate school, internship, special topic, and case study presentations, a resume workshop, social events, and general information in the meteorology field. Students will be given the opportunity to interact with meteorologists ranging from broadcasters to Nationals Weather Service employees. The UNC Asheville AMS chapter will provide a welcoming environment for students to discover the various possiblities within the world of meteorology. 

Amnesty International

The Amnesty International student organization at UNC Asheville is committed to promoting awareness of global human rights issues and concerns by empowering student activist. While our focus corresponds with the goals of the International Organization, we reserve the right to pursue our own agenda as a local chapter.

Animal Rights Organization (ARO)

Our mission is to raise awareness on campus and in the community of the cruelties that billions of animals face and provide tools for compassionate living. We strive to improve the conditions that animals live in, while remaining open-minded and tolerant of all lifestyles. 

Archery Club

The UNC Asheville Archery Club is dedicated to teaching, exploring, and cultivating archery in a safe, friendly, and practical environment through weekly practices. Experience and equipment are not necessary for membership, just an interest in archery! Contact us at