Student Government

Student Government Association represents you, the student, at the local, state and national levels. The SGA president is a full voting member of the UNC Asheville Board of Trustees. SGA plays an active and vital part in the decision- and policy-making processes at UNC Asheville. Recognized by the University as the official governing body of its students, SGA is organized into executive and legislative branches. Each branch focuses on a specific area while keeping in contact with the other. This creates a checks and balances system that ensures every decision is made fairly and in the best interests of students.

Every student enrolled at UNC Asheville is considered a member of the Student Government Association and everyone is invited to get involved. Officials are elected each spring, except freshman senators who are elected in the fall. Appointments of qualified applicants are made throughout the year. A 2.0 (or better) grade-point average and current enrollment in at least six semester hours of classes is required to hold a position.

The SGA office is located in the Highsmith University Union, office 249.